Government Building Safety & Security

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GSA Approved For Blast Mitigation

Commercial, government, and education buildings require additional safety precautions when it comes to potential explosions that may shatter exterior windows.

Since buildings with large, expansive windows pose considerable risks to occupants, as a building owner, you need to eliminate the possibility of injuries due to flying glass in the event of an earthquake or unexpected blast.

Severe Weather, Blast Mitigation, and Injury Prevention

Depending on your needs, our Safety Film is available in 7 and 8 millimeter thicknesses. These polyester films have received GSA approval because they have been proven to decrease the impact caused by explosions and bomb blasts.

Our security film also utilizes an impact protection adhesive to strengthen the bond between the window film and the glass. This holds the glass in place, even while broken, which prevents shards from becoming airborne and injuring occupants.

Extra Security Options

Windows make working inside more enjoyable, but they are also vulnerable to weather extremes, such as severe winds, hurricanes, and tornadoes.

Earthquakes, bomb blasts, and terrorist explosions can also shatter glass and put occupants at risk, so installing a GSA approved Safety Film is a great way to improve your building’s safety. It helps maintain the integrity of the building’s outer shell and keeps wind, rain, and flying shattered glass from wreaking havoc inside.

Maintain Interior Temperatures More Effectively and Reduce Glare

Although its main job is protection, our film has the added benefit of blocking excess solar heat. Government buildings often suffer from fluctuating temperatures due to their large size. When one side gets too hot, occupants usually close their blinds and use interior lighting instead of natural light.

Tintmaster’s selected Safety Film can temper this heat, save energy, and keep your employees happy and comfortable. It can even reduce annoying glare, so your occupants will be able to work more effectively without straining to see their computer screens on bright, sunny days.